Maglia termica Carbon - HKD Outdoor ® - abbigliamento tecnico pesca
Maglia termica Carbon - HKD Outdoor ® - abbigliamento tecnico pesca

Carbon thermal shirt

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The HKD OUTDOOR® thermal shirt is a technical garment with a sophisticated humidity control and a slight compression to support the muscles with consequent reduction of muscle fatigue.

The thermal fabric of which it is composed has been developed to keep the body temperature as close as possible to 37 degrees, keeping the body cool when it sweats and warm when it is cold outside.

Its operation is based on the control of sweating, the natural cooling system of our body: during the active phase, sweating is regulated by the breathability of the fabric that will keep the right amount of heat for the creation of a heating zone. throughout the body during recovery.

Thermoregulation works when your body temperature rises and you start sweating. If there is no sweat, the fabric acts as a thermal insulator. This technology allows the HKD OUTDOOR® thermal shirt to be the perfect underwear in any situation.

Extra fast drying fabric, ideal if during the fishing there is the risk of having to immerse it in water.


Tutti i prodotti HKD OUTDOOR ® sono realizzati e ideati interamente in Italia.

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